About WebFOCUS

These enhanced features have been integrated with the WebFOCUS Analyst Console, a robust solution that provides powerful, real-time visualization capabilities.


Additional Knowledge: A basic understanding of Adobe Flex and knowledge of WebFOCUS architecture. The course will use both WebFOCUS and Adobe Flex Builder 3 Professional. Additional knowledge of developing and deploying applications in Managed Reporting Environment with WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Dashboard is a plus but not required.

Course Content

Basic Reporting

Understand the syntax of the FOCUS language

Comprehend WebFOCUS processing of requests

Create detailed and summary reports

Control the order of data

Format reports

Select data before and after it is summed

Change the way data is displayed

Calculate new values based on detail and summed values

Display group totals and grand totals

Place data from multiple files into one report

Save data in Excel and PDF formats

Add flexibility to your report request

Be introduced to efficient reporting techniques for relational databases

Intermediate Reporting & Report Painter

Display detailed information based on a summary value

Join data sources together using a temporary field

Merge files together without using the Join command

Control the order of data displayed

Use Date and Date-Time data types effectively

Work efficiently with presorted data

Create calculations using subtotal values

Create a random list

Rank and group data

Generate summary information

Sort aggregated data

Use complex screening techniques

Create multi-column reports

Create row-oriented reports instead of traditional column-oriented reports

Work with missing data

Navigate and understand the different components of WebFOCUS Developer Studio

Create reports using the Report Painter tool: Add structure to reports through sorting and display techniques

Format your report headers, footers, and column headings

Employ efficient data selection techniques

Create sophisticated virtual columns

Join multiple tables as needed

Limit report contents with static or parameterized selection criteria

Highlight data with conditional styling

Establish drill-downs between summary and detail reports

Display report output in Excel or PDF format

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