About Lean Fundamentals

Features that make our Lean Flow Program Unique :
 Modular Format allows flexible options for Green and Black Belt course work
 Previously trained Green Belt continues on to a Black Belt in two weeks
 Includes up to 6 hours of project support at no additional cost
 Project selection support prior to first day of class
 Courses led by certified Master Black Belt and top rated instructor
 Extensive experience in over 25 countries with leading corporations
 Outstanding course material integrating new methods with a “Lean Option”
 Our low overhead allows for exceptional consultants at a reasonable cost

Course Content

 Intro to Lean Thinking & Goals
 Overview of Lean Thinking, Methods & Tools
 Key Principles of Lean
 Basic Lean: Kaizen and 5S Implementation
 Basic Lean: The Value Stream and Mapping
 Intro to Advanced Lean: Using Data to Determine Recourses, Requirements, and Process Flow Layouts
 Wrap Up and Action Plans to Get Started

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