About TOAD

This course introduces the learner to the benefits of using Toad Data Point and covers basic product workflows and an overview of key features.

Who should take this course?

Data Analysts, Business Analysts, Database Developers, Database Administrators or any user who needs to access data, understand data relationships, query data and quickly produce reports.


SQL knowledge is preferred, but not required.

Course Content


Navigating the course.

Introduce the business benefits of using Toad Data Point

Overview the Toad Business Intelligence Suite and how Toad Data Point fits into it

How Toad Data Point and Toad Intelligence Central enable Business Intelligence

Lesson 1 – Connecting to data sources

Requirements for connecting to data sources

Connecting to a Relational data source using native client and an ODBC driver

Connecting to a File data source

Connecting to a Toad data source

Connecting to a Business Intelligence data source

Connecting to a NoSQL data source

Lesson 2 – Understand data sources and view relationships between objects

Features of the Object and Database Explorer

Features of the Database Diagram

How to use Object and Database Explorer to explore objects and view data

How to use the Database Diagram to view and understand the relationship between objects

Lesson 3 – Query data and create datasets

Features of Query Builder

Features of SQL Editor

Data Profiling

Transform and Cleanse

How to use Query Builder to build a dataset

How to use SQL Editor to build a dataset

How to use Data Profiling to inspect a dataset

How to use Transform and Cleanse to prepare a dataset

Lesson 4 – Export, save and publish the dataset

Export Data

Save data to Local Storage

Publish data to Intelligence Central

How to use the Quick Export, Export Wizard and Import Wizard to export and import data

How to save data to Local Storage

How to publish data to Intelligence Central

Lesson 5 – Automating the entire connect, query and export process

Automate a task

Schedule a task

Job Manager

How to use Automation Tutorial to automate and schedule a task

How to use Automation Designer to automate and schedule a task

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