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Oracle’s fully integrated talent acquisition solution includes recruitment marketing and employee referrals to source talent, provide end-to-end recruiting automation, and streamline employee onboarding.


Before proceeding with this course it is recommended for you to understand the basics concepts of computer programming. But the course is self contained & you will be able to learn on various concepts of Power Shell even if you are a fresher. You just need to have a basic understanding of working with a simple text editor & command line operations.

Course Content

Module : Taleo
Duration: 10 days
Taleo Recruiting Functional: User Administration
creation of user accounts and setting up User Types User Groups(Coverage Area associated to OLF) and Config Profile Setting up Organization, Location and Hierarchy Setting up Functional Roles and Hierarchical Roles


Requisition Process
Prescreening – Disqualification Questions, Competencies, Questions, Ace Candidates Create Requisition Files with OLF association Adding collaborators with partners or agents Requisition Approvals and associate requisitions to Career Sections Sourcing of a requisition Customization of flows, forms and fields based on OLF and staffing type requirements Templates for email recruiters/candidates. Statements – legal text, disclaimers, foot notes, etc.


Candidate Files
Creation of various candidate Files based on candidate and Job submission Personalized list formats Duplicate check, Background verification, configuring Confidential fields (SSN, DOB) Capture Referral information.


Candidate Selection Workflows
Creating and customization CSW based on OLF, staffing type and automatic association to Requisitions Defining Steps and Actions based on the requisition process Auto email generated, capturing comments and gathering Qualifier reasons Access to the candidates based on User typesetting, Hide from search and prevent advancing features

Configure manual/ Dynamic approval in complex scenarios Simplifying the process using Next Action buttons or short cut icons. Integration with passport vendors Integration with Job Boards Integration with Screening Services


Career Sections
Building themes, Branding and logos for the career site Designing various application flows based on the requisition process and candidate files Configuring various Career Portal Settings for the career site Configuring emails and Message Center Social media integration

Social Sourcing DAY 8
Offer Functionality
Configuring Offer Fields and Forms Usage of RS Offer Step Configuring Offer letters, permissions and settings Standard and Advanced E-Offer

Taleo Integration (Technical) which includes creating T-XML scripts, XSL to achieve complex imports and exports.

DAY 10
Functions in tcc xml and their use.
Setting up integrations with use of different files in folders for example config board, jar files usage etc.
This training should cover basically all aspects required to be Integration expert with Taleo.

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