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Tableau Training program will help you learn Tableau and get you up to speed on concepts of data visualization with a firm understanding of Tableau Architecture. You will be well-versed in the concepts of Filters, Parameters, Graphs, Maps, Table Calculation and Dashboards. You will gain further expertise in data blending, data aggregation and R Connectivity with Tableau in this Tableau course.


No prerequisites for taking up this Tableau certification training

Course Content

Tableau Introduction

• Tableau Introduction.

• Overview of Tableau workbook, worksheets.

• Dimension & Measures

• Discrete And Continuous

Install Tableau Desktop & Download & Connect To Database

• Download Tableau Desktop ( 14 day Trial Licence)

• How to Connect Tableau Desktop to Various Files.

• Create Data Extracts

• Use of Mark/Size/Colour/Transparency/Label

• Tool Tip/ Detail / View Highlight

Different Chart Types

• Area Maps

• Scatter Plot

• Heat Maps

• Bar Charts

• Line Charts

• Histograms

• Box And Whisker

• Pie Chart

• Maps

• Dual Axis Charts

Data Organizing

• Create Sets

• Create Bins

• Create Groups

• Using Sets and Group to Increase the Efficiency of Work.

• Filters & Types of Filter

• Drilling , Alias

• Sorting ,Computed Sort, Axis Sort


• Format Visualization

• Size, Shapes, Details, Tooltips

• Labels , Annotations

• Titles, Captions

• Legends ,Highlight

• Handle Null Values

Calculated Fields

• Calculated Fields

• String / Date / Logical Functions

• Calculated Column using single Formula.

• Aggregation / Dis-Aggregation Table Calculations

• Using Table Calculations

• Difference Between Calculated Field and Table Calculations

• Computation Direction For Table Calculation.

• QA

Level Of Detail Expressions

• Table Scoped LOD


• Include/ Exclude LOD.

• LOD and Aggregations

• Filters And LOD

• Data source Constraints Of LOD

Reference Lines, Bands, Distributions And Boxes

• Types Of Reference Lines, Bands, Distributions and Boxes

• Adding Of Reference Lines, Bands, Distributions and Boxes

• Editing/ Removing Of Reference Lines, Bands, Distributions and Boxes


• Forecasting Constraints

• How Forecasting Works In Tableau

• Create A Forecast.

• Forecast Field Result

• Configure Forecast Result

• Forecast Description

• Null Forecast

• Resolving Forecasting


• Creating Parameters

• Editing Parameters

• Using Parameters In Filters, Calculations And Reference Lines

• Parameter Controls

Trend Lines

• Adding/ Removing Trend Lines

• Trend Line Model Types and Terms

• Assessing Trend Lines Significance
• Answering Questions With Trend Lines

• Assumptions

Sharing Your Visualization

• Tableau Public Concepts

• Basic Tableau Server Concepts

• Workbook, Packaged Workbook

• Export

• Print

• Publish as PDF

Interactive Dashboard Concepts and Story Telling

• Create Dashboard

• Tiled & Floating Layout

• Filter , Highlight & URL Actions

• Create A Story

• Keyboard Shortcuts

• Upgrade Tableau Desktop

New Features in Tableau 10.0

• New Connectors

• Retain Connectivity Detail

• Understanding Cross Database Joins with Excel And MS Sql Server • Filter Data across Multiple Primary data sources. • Custom Territories on Map • Using Highlighter • Working with Cluster in Tableau 10.0 • New Table Calculation • Title Display in worksheet • On Demand connector

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