About Sybase IQ

Effectively administer a Sybase IQ single server and Multiplex configuration
Choose the correct Sybase IQ index types
Create Sybase IQ databases, dbspaces, dbfiles, tables, views and indexes
Extract and load data into Sybase IQ from a variety of sources
Backup and restore a Sybase IQ database

Who should take this training?

New Administrators of either Sybase IQ 12.7 or Sybase IQ 15.
If you are an experienced Sybase IQ 12.7 DBA or have already attended EDB782, please enroll into “EDB784: Migrating to Sybase IQ 15” for Sybase IQ 15 new features and migration training.


Understanding of database concepts and database fundamentals
2-4 years DBA experience

Course Content

Sybase IQ Overview and Architecture


Sybase IQ Tools

Sybase IQ Databases

Server and Database Configuration

Memory Configuration

Sybase IQ Data and Index Types

Table and Index Creation

User Administration

Data Loading

Data Loading Issue Resolution

Multiplex Configuration

Transaction Management and Locking

Sybase IQ Monitoring

Sybase IQ Troubleshooting

Backup and Restore

Miscellaneous Topics

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