About Sitecore Advanced Developers Training


 Sitecore Publishing Service
 Sitecore Express Migration Tool
 Sitecore Helix
 Sitecore Habitat Framework
 Sitecore Experience Accelerator
 Understanding Sitecore Pipelines
 Understanding Sitecore Events
 Customizing Sitecore Interfaces
 Building In-house tool for Developer Reporting.


All participants must have 3+ years of Sitecore Experience experience

Who should take this training?

All participants who are 3+ years of Sitecore experience and an understanding C# and LINQ.

Course Content

1) Sitecore Publishing Service
 Understanding Sitecore Publishing
 Issue with High Volume Publishing on scaled CDs
 Sitecore Publishing Service for high load Publishing Site
 Installing Pre-requisites for Sitecore Publishing
 Installing Sitecore Publishing Service
 Understanding the Configurations
 Publishing and Analyzing the results

2) Sitecore Express Migration
 Understanding Challenges with Migration/Upgrade
 Upgrade/Migration Approaches
 Express Migration Tools Demo
 Gotcha

3) Sitecore Helix/Habitat
 Understanding the Helix Guidelines
 What is Habitat?
 Analyzing the Solution Structure for Habitat
 Writing a custom component using Helix Guide Lines

4) Sitecore Experience Accelerator
 What is Sitecore Experience Accelerator
 Pre-requisites
 Installing SXA
 Understanding the Terminologies
 Understanding the Toolbar components
 Building a Simple Site using SXA

3) Understanding Sitecore Architecture 

a. Introduction to a few key Pipelines

b. Understanding the Sitecore Events

4) Customizing Sitecore Interfaces
 Explain Sitecore Interface Development
 Extending Sitecore Ribbons and Content Menu
 Develop in-house developer toolkit: Report for StandardValues

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