About Puppet

Are you interested in controlling your network and systems with the flexibility of a scripting language? Puppet is just what you’re looking for, and this course will show you how to get set up and started.
You will start by learning about the Puppet infrastructure, including Puppet agents and masters, then jump into the Puppet run cycle. From there, Chad will teach you about the Puppet language, including how to apply a simple Puppet manifest, Puppet types, and applying conditional logic in Puppet.

Course Content


Configuration Management concepts
Introduction to Puppet
Puppet Master Setup
Puppet Agent sSetup
Puppet Master-Agent Certification Management
Certification signup process


Puppet Resources and Core Resource Types
First Simple Puppet Code Creation using core resources
Puppet Classes, Manifests, Environments
Puppet Node Classifications
Puppet Run using Resources, Classes and node classifications
Puppet smoke tests


Puppet Modules overview
Puppet Modules creation
Puppet real time run with Modules
Puppet Forge Example of using Modules from Puppet Forge


Puppet Module structure indepth
Puppet templates and files in codes
Puppet Module Creation for independent applications
Puppet Coding – HandsOn for Modules

Puppet Advanced Classes
Real time examples like Webservers, Databases, NTP servers etc.
Puppet Roles and Profiles overview
Puppet MCO

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