About PolymerJS

Polymer.js training teaches students how to write Web Components that extend existing HTML elements and define new ones. Complete applications can then be built from these components, which can be used decoratively without having to understand their internal code.


Basic JavaScript and HTML/CSS Knowledge
A Web Browser

Course Content

Day 1
Introduction to Polymer
 Web Components
 Custom Elements
 Shadow DOM

Getting Started Polymer Application Development Process
1.Thinking locally
2.Leveraging Composition
3.Mediator Pattern

Define elements
 Register an element
 Declare properties
 Instance methods
 Behaviors

Local DOM & styling
DOM Styling

 Handle and fire events
 Gesture events

Data system
 Data system concepts
 Work with object and array data
 Observers and computed properties
 Data binding Helper elements

Day 2
 Grid Layout
 Tab Layout

App templates

Responsive app layout



App storage

Service worker

Serve your app

Performance Tuning

Unit Testing
 Test your elements
 Mocha for a test framework, complete with support for BDD and TDD.
 Chai for more assertion types that can be used with your Mocha tests.
 Sinon for spies, stubs, and mocks.
 Selenium for running tests against multiple browsers.

Tools Overview
 polygit—CDN web service for serving components
 polystyle—web service for creating style modules
 polyicon—create an optimized custom icon set
 Polylint – For static code analysis

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