About Oracle BI

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher, formerly XML Publisher) is an enterprise-level reporting tool that separates the data from the presentation. Oracle BI Publisher is a web based reporting solution that enables users to author, manage, and deliver reports and documents easier and faster than traditional reporting tools. End users simply use their browsers and other desktop tools to create everything from documents to interactive reports against any data source such as excel, word document etc.

Course Objective

After Completion of this course, you should be able to:
 Introduction to XML Standards.
 Scheduling Reports and Analyzing Data.
 Oracle bi publisher: Technology and Architecture.
 Creating parameters, List of values(LOVs), and hyperlinks.
 Related jobs and positions in the Industry.
 Integration with Oracle bi Enterprise Edition.
 Creating Simple RTF Templates.
 Oracle bi publisher: Business Document Requirements.

Who should attend this Training?

 BI Professionals.
 Project Managers.
 Analytics and Reporting Professionals.
 Testers
 IT Developers.
 Data Scientists.
 Aspirants aiming for a career in the prospective field

Pre- requisites

Describe the uses of DataStage and the DataStage workflow
Describe the Information Server architecture and how DataStage fits within it
Describe the Information Server and DataStage deployment options
Use the Information Server Web Console and the DataStage Administrator client to create DataStage users and to configure the DataStage environment
Import and export DataStage objects to a file
Import table definitions for sequential files and relational tables
Design, compile, run, and monitor DataStage parallel jobs
Design jobs that read and write to sequential files
Describe the DataStage parallel processing architecture
Design jobs that combine data using joins and lookups
Design jobs that sort and aggregate data
Implement complex business logic using the DataStage Transformer stage
Debug DataStage jobs using the DataStage PX Debugger

Course Content

  • Introduction to DataStage
  • Deployment
  • DataStage Administration
  • Work with Metadata
  • Create Parallel Jobs
  • Access Sequential Data
  • Partitioning and Collecting Algorithms
  • Combine Data
  • Group Processing Stages
  • Transformer Stage
  • Repository Functions
  • Work with Relational Data
  • Control Jobs

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