About Maven

This introduction to Apache Maven training teaches attendees how to automate the build of Java projects using the IDE independent Apache Maven. The course teaches how to use maven outside of any IDE and how popular IDEs such as NetBeans and Eclipse integrate with the Maven build system.


This course is best suited for individuals with Java Experience

Course Content

Introducing Maven

Why Maven

Convention over Configuration

Key Featuresof Maven

Alternatives to Maven

Installing and Running Maven

Downloading Maven

Installing Maven

Local Maven Repository

Testing The Maven Installation

Getting Help

Getting Started

Creating a Project

Building a Project

Maven Directory Structure

Standard Maven Lifecycle

Maven Plugins and Goals

Maven Coordinates

Dependency Management

Maven Repositories

Maven Archetypes

Project and Dependencies

The Project Object Model (POM)

Project Coordinates


POM Inheritance and Aggregation

Multi-Section Projects

A Web Application in Maven

Creating the Web Project

Configuring the Jetty Plugin

Working with Servlets

Adding Dependencies

Basic Build Profiles

Activating Profiles

Profiles and Portability







Using m2eclipse

Installing the m2eclipse plugin

The Maven Console

Creating a Project and POM file

Running the Builds


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