Neo4j is a leading Graph Database, a popular tool for working with data which is highly connected, and used for a variety of intelligent applications such as recommendation engine, fraud detection, master data management, identity and access management, network and IT operations, and many more.
This two-day training program provides an understanding of graph modeling, and a strong foundation for managing and querying data using Neo4j, including using its Java driver.


 Understanding Graph database concepts
 Managing data in Neo4j
 Querying data using Cypher
 Data modeling using Neo4j
 Building applications using Neo4j Java driver

Pre- requisites

• Must be proficient at using a computer, installing new applications
• Have a general understanding of what a database is and how it can be used
• Ideally have some previous experience using other types of databases

Course Content

Module 1: Getting Started
 Introduction to NoSQL
 Introduction to graphs
 Introduction to Neo4j
 Launching Neo4j

Module 2: Querying Data Using Cypher
 Simple retrieval queries
 Graph traversal queries
 Aggregation functions

Module 3: ManagingData Using Cypher
 Creating nodes
 Creating relationships
 Updating nodes and relationships
 Deleting nodes and relationships
 Importing data into Neo4j

Module 4: Advanced Cypher queries
 Recommendation Engine
 ACL structures
 Multirelational graphs
 Miscellaneous examples

Module 5: Performance
 Understanding query execution plan
 Profiling queries
 Starting point operators
 Expand and combining operators
 Row operators
 Update operators

Module 6: Data Modelling Using Neo4j
 Graph data modeling principles and guidelines
 Optimizing data models for performance
 Optimizing data models for ease of querying

Module 7: Programming with Neo4j
 Neo4j Java driver
 Neo4j with spring framework

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