About Ember JS

Ember.js is an open-source JavaScript web applications framework, based on the Model–view–view-model (MVVM) pattern. It supports scalable single-page web applications by incorporating common idioms and best practices into the framework. Ember is used on many popular websites, including Discourse, Groupon, LinkedIn, Vine, Live Nation, Nordstrom, although primarily considered a framework for the web, it also supports desktop and mobile applications. The most notable example of an Ember desktop application is Apple Music.


 Exposure to web technologies.
 HTML and JavaScript working knowledge

Course Content


JavaScript – Review
 JavaScript language Basics
 Dynamic typing and functions
 Function dynamics and namespaces
 Working with objects
 Window and Document
 Browser DOM Manipulations with java Script
 Dynamic script loading
 Cross browser compatibility issues and techniques to resolve them.
 Event model

Object Oriented JavaScript Usage
 Custom objects
 Applying inheritance
 Working with Prototype inheritance
 Defining and using class and objects
 Extending the objects
 Java Script libraries and Frameworks

Ajax Review
The need of Ajax
 Traditional Web Application
 An Ajax Web Application
 Ajax for the web user

Working with Ajax
 Creation of XmlHttpRequest Object
 Handle the Response by call back
 Cross browser issues
 XML and JSON Processing with Ajax
 Graphic UI applications with Ajax
 Cross site access

The MVC Architecture
 Code separation and concerns
 Observers and notifications
 Avoid boilerplate coding
 Implement MVC pattern
 Data binding with model and view
 Use of templates
 Observers
 The Module pattern

Day 2
Ember JS MVC Framework
 Introduction and features
 Concepts
o Models
o The Router
o Controller
o Views
o Components
o Templates
o Helpers
o expressions
 Ember JS architecture
 Implement data binding
 Using model in application
 View implementation

Ember JS MVC Application
 Application Structure
 Handlebars Templates with expressions
 Component Naming conventions
 Using Ember Data
 Template Naming Conventions
 Implement data binding with observers
 Ember-Data FixtureAdapter
 LocalStorage Adapter
 Define actions
 Using Router
 Formatting with helpers
 Working with computed properties
 MVC application

 The Node Package Manager
 The Bower for dependency management
 Install the Ember CLI
 The Ember CLI commands
 Generate Ember application components
 Build and run the Ember web application.
 Working with modules and Ember Resolver
 Testing the Model compositions
 Testing with Mocks and fixtures
 Generate reports

Day 3
Ember JS with Server
 Server Communication
 Response management
 Dealing with data types
 XML, JSON support
 Consuming Rest based web services
 MVC CRUD application

Advanced Ember JS
 Template pre-compilation
 Exception handling
 Global functions
 Routing
 Update templates with Handlebars
 Custom components
 Working with multiple views

QUnit Test Framework – Introduction
 JavaScript language overview
 JavaScript unit testing
 QUnit test framework and test runner
 Write sample tests and execute in the browser
 Working with assertions
 Custom Assertions
 Testing the DOM manipulations
 Testing for User Actions
 Asynchronous Callbacks
 Grouping Tests
 Test Driven Development
 Test automation

Debugging and Testing
 Tools for debugging
 Unit Testing the js code
 Integration testing
 Test the controller
 Test the model
 Unit Testing the Computed Properties
 Testing the Model compositions
 Testing with Mocks and fixtures
 Install Testem and Karma test runner with PhantomJS
 Invoke the test cases from command line.

The Ember-QUnit Test extension
 Ember-QUnit overview
 Global installation
 The test helpers
 Write test cases for controller and Model
 Automate the test execution with Test runner
 Set up and Tear down the test
 Testing the Routes
 Test user interface logic
 Testing with views
 Application testing
 Integration Testing

More Features
 Monitor the test coverage
 Effective unit testing approach
 End to End Test Automation
 Test report tools
 Testing practices
 Jenkins CI server Integration

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