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Docker course will help you master the key concepts of Docker and how data can be containerized into a single or multiple containers, architecture of Docker, containerization and various operations performed on it. You will also learn about Docker Hub and ways to create a Docker Image. This course also introduces you to several tools that leverage Docker to ease application deployment, continuous integration, service discovery, and orchestration. Finally, learn to deploy various Container based Applications on the Cloud.

Course Content

Day 1:
Introduction to Traditional Approach
Containers vs VMs
What Are Containers?
Introduction to Docker
Docker Components
Docker Architecture
Classroom Environment With Docker setup
Playing Around with Our First Docker Container
The High Level Picture
The Docker Engine
Docker Images
Docker Containers
Docker Hub
Docker Machine
Docker Swarm
Docker Cloud
Docker Datacenter
Containers Creations
Day 2:
Containers Operations
Looking Inside of Containers
Lowlevel Container Info
Getting a Shell in a Container
Deep Dive – Containers
Docker – Images
Registry and Repositories in Docker
Docker – Building Images
Image build without Dockerfile
Day 3:
Image Build with Dockerfile
Deep Dive – Images
Various custom docker image and container operations
Real time web server example with customized image
Container Network Model
Docker Volumes
Overview of Docker Compose
Real time example

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