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This SAP Business Objects Training from Intellipaat will give you a detailed knowledge of working with the Business Intelligence tool of the SAP family. With this Business Objects online training you will gain considerable proficiency in SAP BO Architecture, concepts of data warehousing, querying of data sources, various report creation, Information Design Tool, Crystal Dashboard Design, and Web Intelligence.

What you will learn?

Overview of SAP Business Objects to view, sort and analyze BI data
Deploy SAP BO web intelligence for executing prompts
Learn about BI maturity model and business object model
Master SAP BO reporting and analysis using universe designer
Create various Table, chart, and sorted reports
Fetch data from different data sources& work with BO data services
Learn the concepts of BO crystal reports and dashboard Design
Deploy SAP BO for visualizing, parsing and analyzing BI data
Prepare for SAP BO C_BOBIP_40: SAP Certified Application Associate Exam

What you will learn?

Business Intelligence professionals, Business Analyst, SAP BO ETL & SAP BO SQL
ETL and SQL developers and administrator data warehousing specialists


Basic knowledge of SQL

Course Content

Introduction to Business Objects

Understanding the SAP BO business intelligence tool to view, sort and analyze BI data, introduction to various components of SAP BO like crystal reports, Dashboards, web intelligence tool, ad ho queries.

Concept of Data Warehousing

Learning about the basics of Data Warehousing and its deployment in real world scenarios.

SAP BO Architecture

Understanding the SAP BO Architecture, the various tiers in it like client, processing, intelligence.

SAP Web Intelligence

Understanding Web Intelligence Overview, ad hoc reporting, analysis tool, discovering insights from any data source and any device, creation of Prompts, applying various conditions, deploying various formula and functions, Drill Functions, understanding Variable in Web Intelligence environment.

Reports and Elements

Learning about SAP BO Reports, creation of Chart Reports, Table Reports, sorting and aggregating of Reports, various elements of Reports, graphs, text elements, data processing features.

Conditional Report

Learning about creating Conditional Reports, understanding the concept of Ranking, working with Session Report and Break Reports.

SAP BO Data Source

Learning about SAP BO data source, introducing personal data source, Business Explorer as a Data Source, multiple query overview, deploying queries for generating results, merging dimensions, deploying web services as a data source.

Getting started with Universe Designer Tools (UDT)

Introduction to the Universe Designer Tool, creation of the Universe, understanding of the Semantic layer, star schema, working with shared, secured and personal connections, setting up tables with parameters, creation of Joins, applying restrictions, understanding List of Value objects.

Advanced Formatting

Advanced methods of formatting in SAP BO, identifying Chasm trap and resolving Chasm traps with various methodologies, detection and resolving of loop, understanding Fan Trap, learning to identify and resolving Fan Trap, creation of various classes and objects.

Information Design Tool (IDT) Integration

Introduction to SAP BO information design tool, extracting data from various sources using OLAP methodologies, relational connection, creating of Universe with IDT, comparing the IDT and UDT, working with IDT as an Integration tool.

Getting started with Crystal Dashboard

A powerful data visualization tool for creating interactive dashboards, point-and-click features, understanding the various dashboard features and interface.

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