About BiSL Foundation

The Business Information Services Library (BiSL®) provides a framework for the field of work that is located between the connections of ICT to the business process. This connection is often not optimal. The BiSL® process model provides insight into all the main processes of the field and the relationships between the processes. It provides leads for improving processes, including through best practices and provides uniform terminology.
This BiSL® Foundation course can be provided by Westhaghe Training & Advice in a group-group form or by means of an open grid form. This BiSL® training is by highly experienced and expert teachers who have years of experience themselves.
During the training you work on cases and assignments in which the theory is constantly associated with daily practice.

Who should take this Training?

This BiSL® Foundation training is ideal for business information managers, information managers, business analysts, core users and employees who are involved in the functional management within the organization. This training is also very suitable for managers and employees who want to gain more knowledge about the BiSL® process model.


Preferably experience in one of the areas designated by target group.

Course Outline

During this BiSL® Foundation training the following topics will be offered:
• Introduction BiSL® framework
• The role of functional management and information management
• The executive processes: user management and functionalities management
• The steering processes
• The directional processes and the preparation of strategies for the organization and the information
• The connecting processes
• Relationships to other management forms
• Introduction and use of BiSL®

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