About Apache Storm

Apache Storm Training equips you with an experience in stream processing big data technology of Apache Storm.
It equips you with experience in Apache Storm for real-time event processing with Big Data. The course is developed to enable you to take up Big Data Hadoop developer responsibilities requiring Apache Storm skills.

Course Objectives

 Master the fundamental concepts and the architecture of Apache Storm
 Plan installation and configuration with Apache Storm
 Grasp concepts such as Ingesting and processing of real-time events with Storm
 Understand fundamentals of Trident extension to Apache Storm
 Gain thorough understanding of Grouping & Data Insertion in Apache Storm
 Understand fundamentals of Storm Interfaces with Kafka, Cassandra, Java

Who should do this course?

 Analytics professionals
 Research professionals
 IT developers and testers
 Project Managers
 Data Scientists
 Professionals and students aspiring for a Real time analytics career in Big Data Hadoop


 Working knowledge of Java
 Basic knowledge of Linux or Unix based systems
 Basic knowledge of data processing
 It is recommended to do a Big Data Hadoop Developer Certification Training as a prerequisite as it provides an excellent foundation for Apache Storm certification.

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • Big Data Overview
  • Introduction to Storm
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Storm Advanced Concepts
  • Storm Interfaces
  • Storm Trident

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