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Develop Websites and Components in Adobe Experience Manager v6.x (formerly known as AEM Sites: Developer), is a four-day course, that teaches the fundamentals of building a custom website based on templates and components. It provides conceptual information on JCR, web framework, and OSGi framework. Using CRXDE Lite, students will develop a custom website while reinforcing the fundamental concepts, such as components, templates, dynamic image rendering, navigation, and modularization. It also covers responsive design with hands-on activities. This course has deep coverage on Sightly—the templating language that helps front-end developers to quickly develop components.

Who can take this training?

This course is designed for developers who want to learn more about application development with Adobe Experience Manager Sites.


Participants must have a minimum two years of experience in web development.
Additionally, they would require the following skill sets:
• Experience in HTML, CSS, DHTML
• Java (optional)
• JavaScript in client side environment

Course Content

• Introduction to Architecture Stack
• Installing Adobe Experience Manager
• Introduction to Authoring Basics
• Introduction to Developer Tools
• Introduction to Content Rendering
• Creating Templates
• Creating Websites
• Introduction to Sightly
• Inheriting foundation components
• Adding Design and Styles
• Authoring Structure Components
• The Responsive Grid and Design
• Building complex components
• Introduction to OSGi Basics
• Front-end Testing
• Using the AEM Environment

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