Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions
Exam 70-473

Audience Profile

This exam is for candidates who are interested in validating their skills in designing and implementing Microsoft data platform solutions. Candidates for this exam will have relevant work experience in on-premises and cloud-based platform solutions.

Candidates should know the features and capabilities of the Microsoft data platform to be able to identify trade offs and make decisions for designing public and hybrid cloud solutions. Candidates who take this exam are expected to be able to define the appropriate infrastructure and platform solutions to meet the required functional, operational, and deployment requirements through the solution lifecycle.

Design and Implement Database Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Azure SQL
Database (20-25%)

Design a hybrid SQL Server solution

✓ Design a Disaster Recover topology for a hybrid deployment

✓ Design a data storage architecture

✓ Design a security architecture

✓ Design a data load strategy

✓ Design a data synchronization strategy

Implement SQL Server on Azure virtual machines (VMs)

✓ Provision SQL Server on an Azure VM

✓ Configure firewall rules

✓ Configure and optimize storage

✓ Migrate an on-premises database to Azure

✓ Configure and optimize VM sizes by workload

Design a database solution on Azure SQL Database and SQL Server in Azure

✓ Design a solution architecture

✓ Design Geo/DR topology

✓ Design a security architecture

✓ Determine the appropriate service tier

✓ Determine the appropriate deployment scenario

✓ Determine IaaS vs PaaS

✓ Determine application access in Azure

Design and implement MySQL and PostgreSQL database solutions in Azure

✓ Design security

✓ Design a data load strategy

✓ Determine the appropriate service tier

✓ Provision databases and servers

✓ Configure firewall rules

✓ Migrate to Azure

✓ Configure for scale and performance

Implement Azure SQL Database

✓ Provision Azure SQL Database

✓ Configure firewall rules

✓ Configure Active Geo-Replication

✓ Migrate an on-premises database to SQL Database

✓ Configure for scale and performance

Design for High-Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Scalability (25-30%)

✓ Design and implement high-availability solutions

✓ Design a high-availability solution topology

✓ Design a high- availability solution for SQL on Azure VM

Design and implement scalable solutions

✓ Design a scale- out solution

✓ Implement multi-master scenarios with database replication

✓ Implement elastic scale for Azure SQL Database

Design and Implement Azure SQL Database data recovery

✓ Implement self-service restore

✓ Copy and export databases

✓ Implement long-term retention backups

Monitor and Manage Database Implementations ion Azure (25-30%)

✓ Monitor and troubleshoot SQL Server VMs on Azure

✓ Monitor database and instance activity

✓ Monitor by using DMVs and DMFs

✓ Monitor performance and scalability

Monitor and troubleshoot SQL Database

✓ Monitor database activity

✓ Monitor by using DMVs and DMFs

✓ Monitor performance and scalability

✓ Automate and manage database implementations in Azure

✓ Automate and Manage SQL Server ion Azure VMs

✓ Automate and mManage Azure SQL Database with PowerShell

✓ Configure  automation and runbooks

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